“Gorilla Glue Girl” has again found herself in a pickle after deciding to primp her hair - only for it to start falling out...

Tessica Brown (@im_d_ollady) first went viral earlier this year when she used Gorilla Glue as hairspray and had to undergo surgery in order for the adhesive to be removed from her hair as a result.

After the successful surgery, she had been growing her hair out and had even launched her own haircare line called Forever Hair.

However this time around, it wasn’t the sticky substance that was to blame but rather a Revlon box dye which she used on her hair to cover up some grey strands that had started to grow through.

Despite not touching her hair since the whole Gorilla Glue palaver, things soon went downhill when she smothered the dye on her head, causing burns to her scalp. Although she washed the dye out straight away, chunks of her hair proceeded to fall out.

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In a TikTok, Brown can be seen combing through her hair and collecting the clumps of it that had fallen out to show to the camera. She then tells viewers that she thought her hair “was strong enough to take chemicals.”


I thought my hair was strong enough to for chemicals 😭#tessicabrown #mahair #helpmyhairplease #fyp #imoverit

Since posting her hair update, Brown’s video has been viewed 2.5m times, with over 320,000 and thousands of people commented warning her not to touch her hair again.

One person wrote: “M’am at this point, PLEASE LEAVE YOUR HAIR ALONE.”

“Girl yougot2be kidding me,” another person said.

Someone else added: “Girl, don’t touch your hair anymore.”

“Just go to a professional,” a fourth person commented.

So how did this happen?

Apparently, the chemicals used to remove the glue from her hair this year interacted with the dye, causing her hair to melt, her manager Gina Rodriguez told The New York Post.

“She is hoping it will work otherwise her next option is to shave her head and start over,” Rodriguez said.

In order to prevent her hair from shredding and falling out any further Brown is visiting LA FUE Hair Clinic in Pasadena, California, to receive stem cell therapy and PRP shots for it to grow back healthier.

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