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A couple preparing to tie the knot have already peeved off their wedding guests ahead of the big day after they revealed that there will be an £8.70 ($10.00) entrance fee for attendees to get into their canyon venue.

Fair to say the charge didn't go down too well, with the bride and groom-to-be being branded "a**hole" and a "cheapskate," for not paying the fees themselves.

The whole scenario was laid out on Reddit's "Am I the A**hole?" forum where the 23-year-old bride explained she is walking down the aisle in less than a month and detailed her wedding plans.

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"We are doing a small wedding and only inviting 20 guests. We decided we wanted to have our wedding up in a canyon, but to access this canyon it costs $10 So we're having our guests Pay the $10 to enter the canyon. We put this canyon fee on our invitations," she explained.

Though the bride's sister didn't mince her words when it came to her reaction about the fee.

"My sister called today as she had just received her invite in the mail and was mad about having to pay to attend a wedding. She called me an a**hole because I was being a cheapskate and there are thousands of canyons that won't has a fee."

"But me and my fiance already have our hearts set on this specific canyon and view."

However, it wasn't just the fee the sister had a problem with, as she wasn't thrilled with the chair set-up or the bride and groom's registry.

"As the argument went on she started to nitpick our whole wedding plan. (Having the guests bring their own camping chairs. Not having a real reception just a small dinner for those who attended and posting our registry all over social media but only having 20 ppl actually be invited.)"

A couple has caused a stir by informing guests they will be charged an £8.70 ($10.00) entrance fee to their weddingiStockphoto by Getty Images

The bride added the canyon venue was chosen because they "don't want to spend money a lot of money and so doing it outdoors is one way of doing that."

"We also just want our close intimate friends and families to be there so I don't know what's wrong with keeping it small."

She then proceeded to defend herself: To those who will ask it's a canyon fee you have to pay at the base so it's not like we could just pay the park rangers in advanced and just say this should cover it. It's open to the public. So AITA"

However, many people didn't quite view the situation in the same way as the bride who was branded as the a**hole for not paying the fee for guests.

One person said: "YTA, not sure which is worst. $10 entry fee, BYO-chair, or getting the registry over social media and not being invited to the wedding.

"I guess there are no bathrooms at this canyon dinner? Better add BYO-ass wipes."

"Oof, buddy. I was trying to be open minded but you lost me at posting your registry on social media, soliciting gifts from people who aren’t invited. That is tacky as f***," another person said.

Someone else added: "This canyon is clearly not meant to be a wedding venue. The least you can do is pay for people’s entrance fees. YTA."

"Your sister is right," a fourth person commented. "Not only are you a cheapskate, but you are lazy to boot. You certainly could arrange something with the ranger station. YTA."

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