These are the songs that appear most-often on wedding 'do not play' lists

These are the songs that appear most-often on wedding 'do not play' lists
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When it comes to weddings, many of us know that not only the presentation, flair, and ambiance of the reception are necessary, but the music as well, which brings the event together.

But are there certain songs that people would rather the DJ not play on that special day?

According to a recent video, there's a whole list.

Wedding DJ group @poshdjs uploaded a video highlighting the top "do not play" list songs from January 26, 2021- January 26, 2022.

What's the number one song people do not want at their weddings?

The "Cha Cha Slide" by DJ Casper.

The person posting the video said: "We tell our clients we try to stay away from line dances at weddings. It's just not out style. If you're into line dances, there's no problem with that, it's just not something that we do and our clients love us for that," said the person behind the account as he scrolled through the song list."

Other line-dance songs that made it to the top of the list that people opt against are the "Cupid Shuffle" by Cupid, "Cotton Eye Joe" by Rednex, "Sweet Caroline" by Neil Diamond, and the "Macarena" by Los Del Rio.

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Elsewhere, songs such as "WAP" by Cardi B feat. Megan Thee Stallion, "Single Ladies" by Beyonce, "Happy" by Pharrell Williams, "Living on a Prayer" by Bon Jovi, and even "Mr. Brightside" by The Killers also made the do not play list.

It's also worth mentioning that the whole country music genre was also put on the do not playlist, which wasn't a surprise to the video's creator because their company is based in New Jersey.

Top do not play list songs for 2021 #weddingnj #weddingdjnj #njwedding #weddingmusic #weddingtips #weddingtiktok #weddingtiktok2021


Top do not play list songs for 2021 #weddingnj #weddingdjnj #njwedding #weddingmusic #weddingtips #weddingtiktok #weddingtiktok2021

Top do not play list songs for 2021 #weddingnj #weddingdjnj #njwedding #weddingmusic #weddingtips #weddingtiktok #weddingtiktok2021

People in the video's comments were shocked by the songs on the list not being liked for weddings. Some even questioned whether people "hated joy" or not.

"Mr. Brightside?? must have been a covid positive wedding bc those people have NO TASTE," someone wrote.

"Some of those line dances get people of all ages up and having fun," another added.

Someone else spoke on their experience with the song "WAP" on their wedding day and wrote: "My husband and I literally played WAP no less than five times on our wedding day. It's just SO GOOD."

A fourth person was OK with the list and seemed to want to get their hands on it.

"I'm gonna need to get this exact list so I can put them all on my do not play list," they wrote.

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