If you want a man to lie to you, ask him how big his penis is

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They tend to overestimate.

Coupling website Saucy Dates, presumably in an endeavour to bring justice and integrity back to dating, have conducted a survey of men and women in six Anglophonic nations about the size of mens' members.

The poll of 1715 persons, asked the 953 males participating:

What is the size of your penis?

They asked the 726 females taking part:

What was the size of the penis of the last man you had sex with?

Saucy Dates created this infographic to educate and entertain.

They found that Australians were the least honest when it came to the size of their didgeridoos.

Indians and Canadians tended to underestimate their size, or at least the ones who'd had sex with women most recently were modest chaps.

Brits weren't doing too badly in terms of telling porkies, only 3.6 per cent difference.

According to Saucy Dates, the global male claim was 7 inches, female claim 6.61 inches, and exaggeration was 5.6 per cent.

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