Brits turn to bizarre DIY sex toys while abroad

Brits turn to bizarre DIY sex toys while abroad
Customs officials destroy sex toys seized in Bali, Indonesia

New research suggested that Brits abroad are turning to outrageous makeshift sex toys while on holiday.

Sexual wellness brand Lelo discovered that 40 per cent of Brits feel more turned on during their travels. Despite this, just 28 per cent of the study confessed to taking a toy overseas with them.

The remaining majority admitted to feeling anxious during security checks, worried whether it would go off in their luggage and simply having no space in their suitcases.

Well, it turns out holidaymakers are becoming more creative with what's available, with more than one in 10 admitting to using a DIY vice.

Shockingly, 18 per cent are opting for shampoo bottles, shortly followed by wooden spoons (16 per cent). A further 20 per cent even claimed to turn to vegetables. Of course, none of these are recommended by medical professionals.

Luka Matutinović, LELO CMO, said: "No one wants to be so desperate on their travels that they turn to a vegetable for stimulation. The SONA 2 Travel was created for pleasure and optimised for travel, so we wanted to combine the two and really put the toy to the test, and where better to do so than in Climax itself… or even better, in multiple Climaxes!"

"The good news is you don’t need to go to Climax to climax. Whether you are planning to travel to Cancun, Copenhagen or the Costa Del Sol we believe the launch of our new SONA 2 Travel guarantees you plenty of pleasure without having to follow in Ruby’s footsteps."

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