Women in Ohio are using TikTok to warn one another about Brock Turner

Women in Ohio are using TikTok to warn one another about Brock Turner
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Women in Ohio are using social media to create whisper networks to warn one another about the whereabouts of convicted rapist Brock Turner.

In 2016, Turner was convicted of sexually assaulting a woman who was unconscious. The case drew international attention, particularly after Turner received a sentence of just six months in prison.

Since his conviction, Turner has been required to register as a sex offender and women in Ohio are also using the internet to warn others of his location.

One recent Facebook post warned Ohio women: “Brock Turner has apparently moved back to OH, specifically the Kettering/Oakwood area & has been frequenting local bars.

“If you see him out, inform the bartenders who he is, inform the women in the bar who he is, do not let anyone intoxicated walk away with him alone.”

The post has been shared on Facebook over 18,000 times, while versions of it have also been shared on other platforms including TikTok and Reddit.

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One TikToker said: “You see this piece of s**t. Remember him? He is walking around free in bars and clubs and stuff. Put everybody on high alert.”

The woman continued: “We can no longer afford to let rapists and paedophiles and other insane violent men like this have peace in public.”

In the comments of a post on a Dayton, Ohio Reddit community, one user claimed Turner is currently going by his middle name, Allen.

The user wrote: “So he’s going by his middle name Allen. So we need to start calling him Brock Allen Turner.”

While these claims can't be verified, what’s clear is that many women are relying on these whisper networks to stay in the know about the potential presence of a convicted sex offender.

According to VICE, one person wrote: “It’s scary to know that these types of ‘men’ get a slap on the wrist (if that) and then get to go on about their lives as if nothing happened.”

They continued: “Please be vigilant, ladies. We are not safe.”

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