Brown noise is TikTok's latest obsession

Brown noise is TikTok's latest obsession
Feel More Free and Relaxed By Limiting Your Screen Time

You may have heard of 'white noise', frequencies that produce 'shh' sound similar to that of an air conditioner, a hair dryer, or a whirring fan. But what about 'brown noise'?

The people of TikTok have declared a new trend after recently discovering brown noise and its said benefits. The hashtag alone has garnered an impressive 59 million views.

So, what exactly is it, and why is everyone obsessed?

According to Sound of Sleep, brown noise "resembles the roar of a river current or strong wind." The commonly associated benefits are "relaxation, improved focus, and of course, sleep improvement."

Here's what it sounds like:


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TikTokers have taken to the platform to share their personal experiences with their recently discovered phenomenon. Many have suggested it helps with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), a condition that includes symptoms such as being restless and having trouble concentrating.

"There isn’t enough hard research to support the effectiveness of brown noise for sleep," Healthline explained, "But according to anecdotal evidence, the deepness of brown noise can induce sleep and relaxation."


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There's a variety of sounds that use different frequencies to help aid with relaxation.

White noise is probably the most 'mainstream' with a machine generated sound containing all frequencies. The sound isn't for everyone though, as it can come across quite staticky.

Pink noise, however, has fewer high frequencies – and can be much more pleasant on the ear. Engineers create the sound by filtering out higher wavelengths, resulting in a subtle wave-like flow between high and low.

Brown noise simply focuses on the low notes – and almost replicates the sound of being inside an aeroplane.

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