Biohacker Bryan Johnson brags about getting better erections than an 18-year-old

Biohacker Bryan Johnson brags about getting better erections than an 18-year-old
'Invincible' Bryan Johnson makes NSFW claim comparing himself to 18-year-old
Steven Bartlett / Diary Of A CEO

Bryan Johnson has made a name for himself after taking biohacking to a whole new level, spending approximately $2 million a year on a quest to reduce his biological age.

The 47-year-old fonder of KernelCo and Blueprint frequently shares his bizarre methods which have included injecting himself with his 18-year-old son's blood, having a strict diet and sleep routine – and sending shocks to his penis to achieve longer lasting erections.

Johnson first made headlines about his manhood last year while speaking with Steven Bartlett on The Diary of a CEO podcast.

Johnson told Bartlett that nighttime erections "are actually a meaningful health indicator" because they "represent psychological health, cardiological health."

Back in November, he found that he was typically erect for "two hours and 12 minutes" – but underwent shockwave therapy to try and reach "three hours and 30 minutes of nighttime erections" in order to get to the level of an 18-year-old.

"There’s this technology - you have a wand and you sit in a chair and the technician uses the wand and basically shocks your penis through acoustic technology," he explained.

"It’s a technology that has a broad range of applications, and it’s also used for erectile dysfunction."

Fast-forward to 2024, and Johnson has returned to social media to share his new and improved results.

On his Instagram Story, he shared a screenshot of a graph, writing: "My night time erections are now better than the average 18-year-old. Last night was 179 minutes."


The following slide showed averages for different age brackets with 20-29 year olds at 145 minutes. Meanwhile, his age group of 40-49 came in at 106 minutes.

Well done, we guess...

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