Can this picture prove if you have a dirty mind?

Can this picture prove if you have a dirty mind?
Picture: Baoxiao commune/Facebook

The internet is home to a wealth of optical illusions designed to drive the average person slightly round the bend.

A number of news outlets have claimed that how you see the following image indicates just how dirty your mind is:

So, what do you see?

Picture: Baoxiao commune/Facebook

If what you see are legs spread out and what appears to be women's underwear, it's OK: the vast majority of people who have seen it on the public Facebook page Baoxiao commune are inclined to agree with you.

One user submitted the seemingly naughty image.

He had purchased new bedding, and a saleswoman sent him the image to ask if he liked the bed linen’s colour combination.

However, she accidentally sent the picture upside down.

Scroll down for the "real" image.

Here's the image, right-side-up:

Picture: Baoxiao commune/Facebook

Well now, isn't that an unfortunate blunder?

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