Canadian chocolate company go viral for the most obvious reason

Photo: iSTOCK / TinPixels / Twitter / @Roy_Isserlis
Photo: iSTOCK / TinPixels / Twitter / @Roy_Isserlis

This company wants you to #EatSHYTE.

No, seriously. The Canadian chocolate company recently launched a marketing campaign which went viral, for reasons probably obvious to those of us in the UK.

Naturally, Twitter had a field day:

Unsurprisingly, the company name isn’t actually supposed to reference the swear word; according to its official website, the acronym actually stands for Seriously Helps You To Energise.

The chocolate apparently does so by being packed full of protein, but these finer details are arguably being lost amongst the hilarity.

Still, it’s likely the hilarity won’t bother founder Kevin Richards, whose brand motto is: “We may be silly, but we take our chocolate very seriously.” At the very least, the company’s #EatShyte hashtag is getting some serious online traction.

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