Man slammed for cancelling date with woman because of her 'loose skin'

Man slammed for cancelling date with woman because of her 'loose skin'
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There are some valid reasons for cancelling a date at the last minute, but we’re not sure this is one of them…

TikToker Sarah Josephine shared how her date apparently cancelled their date because of her loose belly skin.

Sharing a screenshot of a text conversation her and her date had, she showed how she sent him a picture where she was sitting on a beach wearing a swimming costume. The recent snap was taken on 1 January, she said.

He responded: “Yeah the loose skin from the pregnancy is the only thing. I appreciate you being so understanding, that’s rare I promise lol”.

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She wrote back: “No problem, I guess have a good one lol. Nice meeting you”.


Where do men find the audacity😂 #greenscreen #DatingFail #bodypositivity #Dating #ILoveMe #datingafterdivorce

Since the clip was uploaded a week ago, it has received almost 600,000 views, 22,000 likes, and 1,200 comments.

One viewer wrote: “As a lesbian, I legitimately can’t imagine not being attracted to a woman just because of loose skin or stretch marks… do men even like women?” Sarah Josephine replied: “Short answer: No. Long answer: Also, no”.

“What loose skin?!?” another wrote.

Quoting the man’s “that’s rare I promise”, one commenter pointed out: “This isn’t his first time having this conversation”.

In a follow-up video, she shared the date’s Tinder profile.

The 29-year-old said he wanted to find a gym partner who wants to go on “adventures”, and said he’s a “go with the flow type person”. Hmm…

She wrote: “I can have a flat stomach one day if I want, but nothing is every guna fix your shallow personality”.

Sharing more pictures from the beach at the end of the video, she wrote: “PS. I know my worth”.

In a follow-up video, she said she swiped right because she doesn’t take online dating “seriously” as her experiences have set the bar so low so she assumes everyone must be joking on their profiles.


Reply to @venom321989 Red flag central😂⛳️ #DatingAfterDivorce #OnlineDating #Tinder #BodyPostivity #MomBod #Dating #fyp

She said she didn’t feel the need to retaliate as it would generate more negative energy.

Going into 2022, she said she will screen profiles more carefully.

We’re hoping her video makes its way onto Drew Afualo’s homepage…

Afaulo is famous on the platform for taking down men who make misogynistic or otherwise problematic comments with her quick wit. What would she have to say about this shallow Lothario?

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