Woman cancels date after Googling match’s name

Woman cancels date after Googling match’s name

Before meeting someone from a dating app, it’s usually a good idea to look them up to ensure there are no glaring red flags from the get-go.

It’s unusual to find anything particularly interesting - but one woman stumbled across a Google result about her Hinge match that made her cancel the date.

Posting to TikTok, Shaina Kay Cardwell shared that after tapping her match’s name into Google, she discovered that he was apparently arrested for aggravated kidnapping.


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The woman’s video prompted others to share their experiences in the comment section.

One viewer wrote: “My friend googled him *after* the date- he had an assault charge for killing his ex’s chihuahua and beating her with the dead dog. Google first.”

“A guy who begged me to date him who I turned down I googled later only to find out he was arrested for attacking a UPS worker at his house,” another wrote.

Another viewer said she found allegations of sexual assault when she looked up her match. “I blocked him as soon as I saw that,” she wrote.

Others said the TikToker’s discovery highlights why it’s so important to do your homework before meeting someone from the internet.

One commenter asked if she confronted him or blocked and deleted him.

In a follow-up video she said: “I told him I realised I actually wasn’t ready to date again yet and then proceeded to block him on all social media platforms.”


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