Driver smashed woman’s car and only left Hershey’s chocolate bars as compensation

Accidents happen, but it’s how we handle them that really counts.

For example, it’s unfortunate if you crash into another person’s car, but if you leave your details so that they can contact you and your insurer, that’s generally considered the best course of action.

However, one driver took a less orthodox approach after they heavily damaged a woman’s vehicle.

Yes, they left a note and apologised, but rather than offer to cover the cost of repairs, they tried to sweeten her up instead.

The ordeal was shared on TikTok, alongside the presumably sarcastic caption: “What a nice person.”

In the clip, the woman explains that she returned to her car after a trip to Walmart, only to find a massive dent running the whole length of one side.

On her windscreen she found a scrap of paper reading: “Sorry for the damage on your car, I can’t afford to fix it but here’s chocolate instead :).”

It was accompanied by two Hershey’s bars.

Two chocolate bars doesn’t really cut the mustard @isanaguy/TikTok

The clip racked up more than 4.7 million views and 6,000 comments in a matter of days, as fellow TikTokers shared their bafflement at the gesture.

One suggested she’d need a “sack of chocolates” to make up for the damage, while another said they’d “rather eat body filler than Hershey’s chocolate”.

“They could have at least left good chocolate,” a third agreed.

A fourth viewer seemed determined to help find the culprit, writing: “You can find the doer since his fingerprints are on the chocolate bar and the note.”

Meanwhile, others joked that “chocolate fixes everything” and so the woman was “amply compensated”.

We just hope that if the same thing ever happens to us there’s good CCTV around.

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