Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson has said that no refugees should be allowed to settle in the US because he fears America's racism will make them terrorists.

This is a sentiment that echoes almost perfectly an article written on satirical news website the Onion earlier this month.

Here's a completely made-up news article:

And here's a real-life one:

The retired neurosurgeon and man currently in second place in GOP opinion polls told Breitbart in a radio interview (in real life):

You bring a lot of people here from another culture and what they will tend to do is congregate together, that’s a natural thing, which makes them much easier targets for radicalisation.

Particularly if you bring them into an environment where a lot people of are resentful of the fact that they are here. That’s just going to create incidents that will increase further the likelihood of radicalisation.

So again, why would anyone even be thinking about doing things like that?

That's right, Ben Carson is literally satire.

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