Could-be future president Ben Carson - the one who recently compared Syrian refugees to "rabid dogs" - met with Syrian refugees in Jordan on Saturday.

The former neurosurgeon has come under fire over his lack of foreign policy credentials, as a result of never having held office before.

While his grasp of facts seems patchy at best, one of his advisors has raised serious doubts other whether he knows what he's talking about at all when it comes to international relations.

Ahead of his trip to Jordan, this week, Duane R Clarridge, Carson's advisor for terrorism and national security, said in an interview with the New York Times that despite intense tutoring:

Nobody has been able to sit down with him and have him get one iota of intelligent information about the Middle East.

Journalists were not invited to join the GOP candidate, as he touched down in Jordan, but his campaign were sure to release a statement in which Carson urged Barack Obama's administration to do more to help ease the refugee crisis - but was not keen on welcoming any refugees to US shores.

Yes, really.

While he praised Jordan's efforts to help refugees, he said: "But Jordan is a small country... They need the world's help to feed, educate and care for these refugees until the war ends."

The United States must do more [the rest of the world] could be doing so much more... We must find a political end to this conflict.

Until it is safe for them to return home, Jordan is a safe place for them to wait.

Bringing 25,000 refugees to the United States does nothing to solve this crisis. Jordan already houses 1.4 million refugees. Jordan needs and deserves our help.

H/T The Guardian

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