This cat tried to escape from the vets by sticking his head in a rubbish hole. People can relate
Twitter/ Ashly Perez

If you’re a pet owner, you’ll know that visiting the vets is probably not an experience your cat or dog looks forward to.

One particular cat attempted to escape in a novel way – via the rubbish hole.

Writer Ashly Perez posted the hilarious photos of her cat trying to hide from the vets on Twitter.

She wrote:

My cat did not want to be at the vet today. So he kept sticking his head in this trash hole. I died.

People were quick to share photos of the strange ways their cats have tried to hide from the vets in the past.

Others even said that Ashley’s cat’s escape attempt reminded them of the way they try to avoid their own responsibilities.

But it appears that there are some cats with a more chilled-out attitude.

Stay paw-sitive.

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