US Senate candidate puts catcaller in his place

By now, men should really know that catcalling women in the street is not big and not clever, especially when the women have comebacks that are so good that they can make you look like a right fool on the internet.

A video on TikTok has gone viral of a woman clapping back at a man on a New York City street who unsolicitedly tried to talk to her as she walked past.

In the short clip, the man who appears to be hanging out on a stoop with some friends, says: "I hope you have a good day at work, miss."

Beki, aka @rebekahlindsayyyy, initially seems taken back by his comment but quickly realises what is happening and replies with this zinger: "Oh, I thought you were begging for money or something."

Beki, who captioned the video by saying 'Gotta protect yourself on the streets of NY' has since gone massively viral on TikTok, which the clip receiving more than 4 million views at the time of writing.


Gotta protect yourself on the streets of Ny #nyc #newyork

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As you can imagine, people are loving her expertly timed clap back and have been flooding her comments with praise.

One person wrote: "This is iconic ngl."

Another said: "Using this forever."

A third wrote: "That one guy laughing a little to [sic] much."

Gents, next time you consider catcalling a woman, just remember three things: they probably don't want to be spoken to by a stranger, they might have a brilliant comeback and lastly, it might go viral if they are filming it.

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