This Russian child genius says he was born on Mars

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A child genius in Russia has claimed he is from the planet Mars and was 'reborn' on Earth.

According to The Sun , Boris Kipriyanovich, of Volgograd, Russia was a child genius, who attributed his intelligence to his previous life on Mars.

At the time he first made headlines, he went by the name 'Boriska', meaning little Boris.

Now aged 21, his story has resurfaced in the media.

His mother, a doctor, has reportedly claimed that Boriska was an intelligent child, alleging that within two weeks of being born, he was able to lift his head without support, and he was able to draw, read, and write much earlier than other children.

When he was aged 11, Boriska claims that Mars was nearly destroyed by a nuclear war, but that a civilisation remains on the red planet.

The 'war' purportedly took place at the same time that 'Lemurian' civilisation was on Earth.

Lumuria is supposedly a sunken continent civilisation in the Indian Ocean. There is little evidence that it ever existed.

The red scar on Mars. The red scar on Mars.

Typical of much of the 'alien life exists' oeuvre, Boriska states that the Great Pyramids of Giza are hiding secrets about alien life.

According to a report in The Spirit Science , since he was four-years-old, Boriska has been making an annual visit to a mountain in Russia to 'recharge' himself.

In 2007, Boriska was interviewed by Project Camelot , a group that 'provides a vehicle' for whistleblowers, and also investigates 'extraterrestrial visitation, time travel, mind control, and plans to control the human race'.

The hour long interview with Boriska was uploaded to the group's YouTube page.

Among other claims in the video, recorded 2007, Boriska makes the other timely prediction, that 2012 will be the year of a catastrophe.

The Sun reports that Boriska claims that Martians breathe carbon dioxide (which makes up 95 per cent of the planet's atmosphere), and that the survivors of the nuclear war built 'protection lodges' and new weapons.

His whereabouts since the 2007 video are unconfirmed.

Since then he has become a poster boy the pseudo scientific community, and their belief in 'Indigo children', who are alleged to possess supernatural gifts.

His 'story' crops up in multiple blogs on the topic, and increasingly on YouTube .

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