Chinese restaurant's super-honest menu descriptions include: 'I don't recommend this'

Chinese restaurant's super-honest menu descriptions include: 'I don't recommend this'
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A Chinese restaurant's menu has gone viral for including some rather honest menu descriptions indeed.

Posting on Twitter, someone noticed that Ong Ong bakery on London's Brick Lane was being a bit self-deprecating, to put it mildly, when describing the food they sell.

Describing a Char Siu bun, the menu writer says they think it's "overrated" and that they "prefer the tuna sweetcorn bun".

"But you do what you want to do," they concede.

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As for a turkey ham and egg bun, the bakery staffer says: "I'm not a fan of egg so I don't recommend it. Yuk. But, hey egg fans are cool too."

The restaurant menu writer isn't just scathing about their own home made products. Diet Coke is "slightly meh" in their view and a melon milk drink "don't taste like melon but it taste amazing".

Since the post has gone viral, Aaron, the worker at the bakery who wrote the posts, celebrated the response he had got.

He said: "As a dyslexic with autism, I have crippling anxiety about letting people read my writing. Like many dyslexics, people made fun of my communication style and mistakes (that I can not see), spoke to me as a second class colleague, and made me feel useless.

"Starting Ong Ong Buns (and not having talent to bake) meant I had to take on the marketing, customer-facing and other writing tasks. Nightmare.

"However, for the first time in almost 40 years, my ‘different’ communication style made people happy (but not in a cynical way). Even better, haters were making nitpicking comments and people defended me!"

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