Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., expressed outrage over a video of Christians singing ...
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Another video of a Christian preaching on a plane has been doing the rounds. It comes as another viral clip showing a group of people performing Christian music at 30,000 feet sparked a row between two US congresswomen.

The first viral video showed several people singing Christian music in a plane, with one man even strumming a guitar in the aisle.

The video prompted debate on social media. Some saw it as “an invasion of other people’s space”, while others suggested those bothered by the music should “get some ear plugs”.

Since it was posted it has garnered 36 million views.

The same account that reshared the jam session to Twitter also shared another clip of a Christian preaching on another flight.

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In the now-viral clip with 233,000 views at the time of writing, a man appeared to lead an impromptu mass of sorts.

In an arguably proselytizing display, he asked those who want to repent and give their lives to Jesus to raise their hands.

Several other passengers repeat “Jesus” and “Amen”, as well as other Godly sayings, when prompted by the man.

Much like the other video, this one sparked debate too.

One Twitter user said they would complain about it, and ask the airline for a refund. “I would Karen all over that religious fanatic,” they wrote.

One commenter said although they’re “far from a fan of religion”, they’ve “seen worse” behaviour on planes. They added that although he seems peaceful and is wearing a mask, they would have felt “uncomfortable” if they were on the plane.

Some of the debate focused on what the response would be if the preacher was of a different faith.

When it came to the Christian music clip from earlier in the week, Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, who is one of a handful of Muslims in the US Congress, asked how her family would have been received if they decided to host a “prayer session” at 30,000 feet.

Omar’s observation led to a spat with Congresswoman Lauren Boebert, who accused her of expressing “anti-Christian hate”. Omar responded by calling her a “religious bigot”, and told her that she would pray for her.

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