Cleaner tackles ‘dirtiest kitchen in Europe’ for free in viral TikTok

Cleaner tackles ‘dirtiest kitchen in Europe’ for free in viral TikTok

A cleaner has shared astonishing before and after shots after tackling the “dirtiest kitchen in Europe”.

TikTok cleaner @aurikatariina shared a clip showing how she transformed one of her Swiss follower’s kitchens.

In the video that has been viewed over 39.5 million times, she removed mountains of trash, scraped countless egg shells off the stove, and scrubbed the filthy floor.


THE MOST AMAZING TRANSFORMATION EVER!! 😍😍 #forfree #cleaning #clean #beforeandafter #motivation

In a longer YouTube video that goes into more detail about the job, she revealed that the home hadn’t been cleaned in five years.

A clean-up of this scale would have cost the homeowner $15,000, but amazingly Aurikatariina did it for free. Sponge company Scrub Daddy sponsored the Finnish influencer’s flights and accommodation so she could travel to help the follower.

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In the comments, one YouTube user wrote: “The amount of time and money and energy she puts into cleaning these houses is astounding, and to do it for free is so wholesome and selfless. I strive to be this woman.”

Another commented: “To the homeowner: you were not lazy.  Depression can take everything from you. I’m glad you got a new start!”

She also shared the story of another follower, whose home she also cleaned.

The follower said as their mental health deteriorated, the condition of her home also suffered.

After receiving help from Aurikatariina, she was bowled over by the cleaner’s efforts. She graduated from school soon after the clean-up, and has since kept on top of her home.

Aurikatariina said: “I am so proud of her and that she had the courage to ask for my help, and I’m so glad I got to help her.”

Aurikatariina is well known for helping those struggling to keep their home spick and span by giving them a helping hand, and her good deeds have garnered a large supportive online community.

She previously made headlines when she shared before and after shots after cleaning an elderly couple’s home.

Faith in humanity restored.

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