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A clip of the “worst animal ever” is doing the rounds on Twitter, but not everyone thinks it’s scary looking.

The video was posted by Twitter user @kylorenvevo, who was not a fan of the tiny creature.

She wrote: “I’ve found it, the worst animal ever. What even is this thing. Why are its eyes like that. Just… why.”

The tweet quickly gained attention and racked up one million views and 4,500 shares since it was posted last Wednesday.

The original poster later responded to the tweet to say the animal is a colugo.

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She wrote: “This is a colugo and we hate it but we must protect it at the same time because it is threatened by habitat destruction as more and more of the Southeast Asian forests get cut down. It MUST be saved to haunt the nightmares of future generations.”

The little nocturnal mammals, nicknamed “flying lemurs” inhabit the forests of southeast Asia and can glide great distances between trees, according to the WWF.

Their webbed feet and light skeletons help them glide as much as 200 feet between trees, and their large eyes give them incredible night vision and depth perception.

But not everyone agrees that it’s the “worst animal ever”.

In the Twitter thread, the tiny creature has been compared to a real-life Pokémon, Grogu (Baby Yoda) from The Mandalorian, and a “squirrel-bat hybrid”.

Some suggested other animals that should hold the title for the “worst animal ever”, such as ticks.

Others weren’t so sure, but changed their opinion after seeing more pictures of the wide-eyed tree-dwellers.

At Indy100, we’re firmly on team colugo.

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