Colombia issues warning after holiday featuring unlimited drugs and sex goes viral

Colombia issues warning after holiday featuring unlimited drugs and sex goes viral

Warning: NSFW.

Colombia's tourist board boasts the South American nation's coffee connoisseurs, glittering emeralds and the legend of El Dorado.

It turns out the definition of this "incredible diversity and charm" does not extend to drug-friendly sex holiday, after a travel advert drew the board's wrath.

Rather than following a happy family-of-four jumping into a pool as any good holiday ad should, it follows man on a very dubious journey.

After flying to an island off the port of Cartagena, he boards a yacht.

So far, so good - well, until bikini-clad women start gyrating around him and we all learn thong-bikinis are apparently a thing.

It looks like he's the only man on a yacht full of women.

Until it's revealed the poor guy is going to have to deal with 29 other men too.

It gets worse.

The original video advertises unlimited alcohol and food - that sounds nice, doesn't it - by showing a man eating dessert off a naked body.


Tickets to the Good Girl Company's 'Sex Island Experience' in November still seem be on sale with prices between $599 and $1499 and offers everything from threesomes to golf.

But authorities have decided the 'unlimited sex holiday' will be off-limits to tempted tourists if immigration catches them entering the country.

The country’s Interior secretary, Fernando Niño, said these holidays would require official permission, which wouldn't be granted in this case.

This does not respond to policies against sexual offences, sexual abuse, pornography and for that reason we would not give it authorisation.

The advert has since been removed from YouTube.

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