7 things tourists should never, ever do

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Now that summer is well and truly over and we're all sat at our dreary desks staring out of our equally dreary windows, there's only one thing that will improve the grey tedium. A holiday.

Sure, you probably only jetted in from your previous excursion, but it's never too early to start planning - you might even be able to nip out before Christmas.

But, dear traveller, before you do venture off to Marrakech, Taiwan or Thailand - we need to talk about how a tourist should behave in a tourist hotspot.

Here are some of the worst things tourists do while visiting the the rest of the world, according to reddit users. Take heed and try to avoid falling into these traps.

Don't walk around clogging up the pavements

Don't be oblivious - you've gone on holiday to a different part of the world, to experience a different culture - it's not just your home in a new hotter place.

We are the worst when it comes to this...

Don't be disrespectful - you are a guest

Don't dress inappropriately

Don't take photos in stupid places

Appreciate that people are trying to work around you.

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