Woman burns Confederate flag after finding out it’s racist

Lily Puckett@lilypuckett
Tuesday 08 June 2021 22:03

A TikTok user has gone viral after burning her Confederate flag, which she told viewers she didn’t know was racist.

Danielle, whose user name is tiktok_hates_me, wrote in her video “I’m sorry if I ever showed I was ‘racist’ from a flag. We burnt it tonight!”

“I’m sorry our culture taught us this was okay, it’s not. I’m white, I’m redneck, but never racist,” she continued. “RIP to this racist flag.”


It’s unclear where Danielle is located, but the flag itself represents the Confederacy, or the American southern states that seceded from the Union in the nineteenth century in order to continue the use of chattel slavery.

In the decades since, the flag has served as a symbol of white supremacy. To get around this blatant truth, many people argue the flag is inherently representative of all “southern heritage,” as opposed to this one very specific, shameful part of it.

It was recently photographed inside the US Capitol, having been brought there by a Trump supporter during the January 6 insurrection.

(AFP via Getty Images)

In a follow-up video, Danielle answered a commenter’s question about what she thought it meant growing up. She explained that she didn’t remember being taught about the flag in school, and felt like “in the South” it was flown regularly enough that “it felt like it was something we should do.”


Most commenters were super supportive of the flag-burning, and Danielle’s decision to educate herself more.

"Hell yes, we love to see it," wrote Anna_Funmi.

“Thank you for being open minded and not offended when learning that something is racist, when you may not have known,” wrote seq.

Still, Danielle was happy to do even more. In another follow-up video, she answers a commenter who requested “a little more pizzaz” with a video of a bonfire, the flag presumably going up in smoke within it.