This sweary voice over of 'Nicola Sturgeon' talking about social distancing is what everyone needs to hear

Not everyone will have the same opinion on how to deal with the deadly outbreak of COVID-19 but we can all agree that staying inside all day is pretty boring.

With that being said, it is of the utmost importance in these uncertain times, that everyone stays inside, works from home (if you can) and avoid mass gatherings in public places, to stop the spread of the virus.

However, despite pleas from the government, it has been quite evident this weekend that people aren't listening to this advice and have still been going to parks and markets like nothing was happening.

It has been a sobering sight to see, especially when most people have been abiding by the social distancing advice and the government has now suggested that they might take stronger measures to protect the wider public.

Until that happens, politicians might have to resort to swearing at people to make sure that they stay indoors. Yes, you read that correctly. Swearing.

Although we're sure that is never actually going to happen, this clip by comedian Janey Godley, impersonating Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon and you have to say, it is quite effective.

We can't possibly transcribe this entire thing but the best part has to be this line:

This is the official line: if I see any of you out there, I'm gonna take a run and put my toe up the crack of your a**e.

It was so good, even Sturgeon herself shared the video, in the hope that humour can get the very important message across.

At the time of writing, Scotland has confirmed just over 400 cases of coronavirus, which has sadly resulted in 10 deaths.

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