Couple take drastic measures to stop neighbour from ‘spying’ on them

Couple take drastic measures to stop neighbour from ‘spying’ on them

How do you solve a problem like nosy neighbours?

We’ve seen battles featuring passive-aggressive notes and butchered topiary, but now a couple have waged a new kind of war against the excessive CCTV capabilities of the woman next door.

TikTok user Megan Reid has documented her and her partner’s struggles to protect their family’s privacy from their “crazy neighbour” after she allegedly pointed five security cameras at their home.

In a series of clips, Reid showed how they were forced to erect a long clothesline to shield themselves from the Big Brother-style surveillance.

The first shows her fiancé filling it up with bedsheets and towels in a bid to block any view of her home. In the background a woman’s voice can be heard saying: “What are you doing? I don’t even want to know.”

Reid filmed her fiancé putting up the makeshift barrier @megancreid21/TikTok

In a follow-up video, Reid films each one of the five alleged cameras, claiming they are all pointed at her house.

In another, she said the neighbour called the police on Reid and her family for their elaborate self-defence strategy, but the cops just laughed.

One fellow TikToker wrote mockingly: “Wooow! Calls cops: the neighbours are hanging up laundry… LAUNDRY.”

Reid replied: “She actually contacted the counter terrorism line and said they were hanging from the power lines.”

In total, her seven clips on the dramatic standoff racked up more than 6.9 million views in two days, as followers shared their outrage at the neighbour’s alleged behaviour.

One user joked: “All that money spent on cameras to be bested by some linen,” to which Reid responded: “Economical.”

A third remarked: “I’ll never understand why people do this or how it’s legal.”

“I agree!” Reid wrote back. “We’ve called the cops multiple times about it. She had one mounted over our privacy fence only into our backyard and at our back doors.”

Another video showed each of the neighbour’s five alleged cameras @megancreid21/TikTok

Another user commented: “Legally, their cameras cannot be filming your property/purposefully pointed at your property if you can prove they are explicitly filming yours.”

Reid responded: “We’ve tried. We’re in [New York] so there’s no criminal offence, it’s civil and we have to sue her.”

Meanwhile, other users empathised with her struggles, with one writing: “Neighbours across from me have cameras, we keep all our blinds and curtains closed at all times, so frustrating.”

“Yeah, we can never open our windows,” Reid replied. “She’s had them on our bedroom windows, our living room, our dining room, it’s absolutely insane.”

In the end, it transpires that the issue has all become too much for Reid, her fiancé and her stepkids, with the TikToker confirming that they’ll be moving out in the next few weeks.

Given that the identity of the neighbour is unclear, indy100 is unable to get in touch to ask for her side of the story.

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