Couple say they discovered disturbing ‘murder room’ when giving a tour of their new home

<p>The TikToker’s friend was shock to find a padlock on the bedroom door in her new home</p>

The TikToker’s friend was shock to find a padlock on the bedroom door in her new home


When purchasing a new home, it’s expected that there will be random things left behind by the previous owner, but one couple made a potentially creepy discovery.

TikTok user slowgoldie shared a video her best friend sent to her, of she and her boyfriend’s new home on their first night there.

You can watch the full video here.

The friend proceeded to pan the camera around the bedroom to show off what it looked like, pointing out different features such as the “big old window” and a random cable of the floor that the friend presumed was for wi-fi.

She then walked towards the door, when she noticed a big key sitting on top of the radiator.

Curious as to where it belonged, the friend then realises it must be for the wooden bedroom door - which is when she found something she wasn’t expecting.

When the friend found the key, it didn’t take her long to discover the padlockTikTok/slowgoldie

“Does that not look like... what? You can padlock the door closed from the outside? That’s... what?” she says, obviously shocked by her bizarre discovery.

The X Files theme song playing during the TikTok definitely added to the eeriness of it all.

Understandably freaked out by her find, she abruptly moves on and continues the tour by walking across the landing and into the nursery.

The video has since gained over 8.2M views, 1.3M likes, and over a thousand comments from people who were just as creeped out as we were.

One person said: “nice a fresh ✨murder house✨”

“Just me hiding in the comments because I’m a baby,” another person wrote.

Someone else replied: “Well, that is concerning.”

“I would simply pass away,” a fourth person commented.

People also guessed why the padlock was there in the first place, some providing an innocent explanation, while others believed the reason was more sinister.

One person said: “Someone was definitely held captive there...just a feeling the energy off that room.”

“My ex was a sleepwalker and his parents had to do this to him when he was a child, otherwise he would hurt himself regularly,” someone else wrote.

A third person commented: “Okay but we did that to some of our doors for the rooms where we kept our bird or else our cat would break in and unalive them.”

“My boyfriend’s shared house was like this, they didn’t have locks so they all installed padlocks on their doors to stop one housemate from stealing things,” another person replied.

Though the TikTok creator casted doubt on this last theory with her reply: “No, it wasn’t a student house.”

Let’s just hope there’s some other innocent explanation...

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