Couple disgusted after finding 'dirty dishes' in vents left by previous homeowners

Couple disgusted after finding 'dirty dishes' in vents left by previous homeowners
'Drastically dirty concrete railing subjected to high-pressure water spray *Satisfying*'

A couple has taken to TikTok to share a disgusting discovery in their new home.

Junior and Kenzie (@OurCheapHome), who recently purchased the property, use the platform to share their renovation journey. While the process can be exciting, the pair were unprepared for what they were about to unearth after experiencing "a terrible smell through the whole house."

In a viral clip that racked up over five million views, the couple showed viewers a collection of old, dirty dishes stuffed in the vents left behind by the previous owners. There were glasses, bowls, and cutlery that appeared to have been used. Some of them were still filled with rotting food, which they described as "hard and crusty."

Theories were rife in the comments section, with one joking, "the borrowers live under the floorboards."

Another suggested it was "probably some kid that wasn't bothered to do their chores."

The pair later clarified the home was previously owned by an elderly couple whose grandchildren were allegedly addicts.

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The couple asked TikTok what they believed the food to be, with many suggesting cereal or cake with custard.

A handful of users accused the pair of putting the dishes there themselves, to which they hit back: "There were people saying we faked it or planted them there. I would not want to plant that smell in my house for TikTok views."

This was the first of many nauseating finds for Junior and Kenzie. Just as TikTok followers thought it couldn't get much worse, they came across a dead rat.

In the clip captioned, "found a little buddy in our new house," the homeowner explained:"So, we get in the bathroom to put the new tub it, and we found this new, cool feature," while zooming into the long-tailed rodent.


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She added: "If you can't tell, it's a dead mouse," as her partner intercepts: "That's a rat."


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