Boy jumps into crocodile infested water to impress girl he just met


Go to Australia, meet boy, listen to boy claim crocodiles attack more back packers than Australians, boy breaks his arm fighting crocodile.

It's a classic love story.

For Sophie Paterson from the UK, this was her weekend.

Lee De Pauuw fought the crocodile in the Johnstone River, Queensland on Sunday morning, and somehow came out alive.

How many drinks had you had by that point?

About ten cups of goon.

Of course.

(Goon is a cheap, nasty boxed wine popular in Oz, FYI).

According to 18 year old, De Pauuw he punched the 3 metre crocodile in the snout, and then gouged it's eye to escape.

He's said he doesn't want the crocodile to be killed, and he'd like it to be returned to the wild.

De Pauuw has a broken left arm, and much of his skin is still stained with blood.

Surgeons were able to save his arm from being lost entirely.

Hopefully he'll be able to scrub up.

According to 9 News, he's going on a 'movie date' with her.

Watch the full report from 9 News:

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