Locals horrified to discover three crocodiles living in a crack in the pavement

Locals horrified to discover three crocodiles living in a crack in the pavement
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Three huge crocodiles have been found living underground in horrifying scenes.

The first snapping croc was pulled out by catchers, but as they tried to bring the huge reptile under control a second slithered out of the concrete.

A third crocodile is then seen disguised hiding under the cracked ground as well.

Locals in India first heard a strange noise and the crack turned out to be huge crocs.

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In a video shared online, men in red suits and boots can be seen capturing the first crocodile, with a rope around its neck. As the animal makes its way further out of the rubble and underground, another croc jumps out from underneath it.

The third crocodile can be seen slightly under the rubble, just showing the top of his back but not moving.

The person filming then jumps off the ground as the smaller crocodile runs beneath them. The clip, shared on (@mksinfo.official), has gained 903,000 views as well as 46,400 likes and thousands of comments.

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It comes after a 29-year-old footballer was eaten alive by a crocodile in Rio Cañas, Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica.

Jesus Alberto Lopez Ortiz, nicknamed ‘Chucho’ was taking a dip in the river to cool off when the horrific ordeal took place.

A statement shared on the team's Facebook page said: "Good morning, people of Rio Cañas, neighbors, we hereby inform you that a sinpe number has been enabled to be able to help the family of Jesus Lopez 'Chucho' for what unfortunate has happened today, who wishes to collaborate please make your help at 71087722 in the name of Luis Carlos Montes, also if your aid is physical, whether it is groceries or some other type of help, you can go leave it at the house of Don Daniel Serrano, Doña Tica will be receiving every help that comes out of her heart.

"Thank you so much in advance. God bless you."

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