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Picture: iStock/ damedeeso
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Have you ever stopped and thought, "Hey, I wonder what it would be like if my dog could send text messages?"

If so, you're in luck!

When Meghan Specksgoor had to visit New York City right before Christmas she left her dog Chance with her father.

However, while she was away she started getting some rather intriguing text messages from her four-legged friend who we can only assume was using her father's phone.

Like this one, when Chance couldn't remember if he was allowed pizza, Chinese or Thai food.

Picture: Screengrab / Meghan Specksgoor

And this one, when Chance had been such a good boy that he felt like he deserved a little ice cream treat after a trip to the nail salon.

Picture: Screengrab / Meghan Specksgoor

Then there was this one, when Chance finally got his ice cream and wanted to show his appreciation for his weekend carer.

Picture: Screengrab / Meghan Specksgoor

And again with this one, when Chance and his grandpa had a slumber party but still took the time to tell Meghan how much she was loved.

Picture: Screengrab / Meghan Specksgoor

Meghan told Bored Panda:

They usually get along great. Chance is allowed to do whatever he wants with my dad - like an actual grandchild - and is given all sorts of treats the whole time he's with him.

She also told the website that Chance was adopted from the Richmond Animal League (RAL) rescue centre after he was being brought in following a shooting.

I walked into [there] with a friend of mine who was looking for a puppy.

And walked out with a completed application for 'Chap'. 'Chap' was brought to RAL with a shattered jaw from someone shooting him.

We had surgery done to get a plate on his jaw and he has been perfect ever since.

Chap was then renamed to Chance the Rapper, after Meghan's favourite hip-hop star. She said:

I thought it was fitting since he has been given a second chance at life.

The young woman joked that someone needed to get her father a grandchild, but we think the internet will agree that she needs to get him more dogs instead.

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