Dad fills garden with Pride flags after neighbor was mean about gay son

Dad fills garden with Pride flags after neighbor was mean about gay son
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Parents will often be their children's biggest supporters and protectors in life - especially when people try to shame them for who they are.

One father did just that as he filled his garden with Pride flags when a neighbour was allegedly mean to him about his gay son.

In a video uploaded to TikTok by Xander (@fitxander), his father can be seen making a powerful message.

"My dad's new neighbour said having two gay kids means he's failed as a parent. So dad took a moment then replied with this," the onscreen text said.

Xander's dad can be seen taking several large Pride flags and placing them outside in the bushes of their backyard in full display.

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Some AWESOME shade from my dad đŸ˜‚đŸŒˆ #gay #dad @claire_training

He also has a sister named Claire, who is lesbian. She goes by @claire_training on TikTok.

Xander, a father himself, has other videos on the platform advocating for the LGBT+ community while using flags.

In one video, he said he was eating dinner with his husband and son at a hotel when someone told them to "stop shoving being gay his throat."

In response to that, he hung the Pride flag down the side of their balcony.

And in another video, Xander said that his neighbour told him that he couldn't sell his house because he hung up a small Trans flag. This resulted in him putting up a Trans flag that covered the whole side of his house.

Flying the Pride flag has unfortunately been at the centre of controversies, whether in public, in the comfort of someone's home, or at schools.

Bob Plominski and Mike Ferarri hung the flag underneath their mailbox in honour of Pride Month.

However, they were threatened with a daily fine to remove it.

"It's a simple showing of our pride to the community, and it's up for 30 days. We were in shock they were going to do that," Plominksi told NBC6.

Elsewhere, another father showed support for his teenage son, who came out in a video uploaded to TikTok.

The teen, named Caden Wyatt, came out in public with his dad right beside him, helping him raise the rainbow ally flag outside for Pride Month.

Indy100 reached out to Xander's representatives via email.

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