Northern man goes viral for ‘weird’ full English breakfast review eaten on someone’s doorstep

Northern man goes viral for ‘weird’ full English breakfast review eaten on someone’s doorstep
YouTube/ Danny Malin

A Northern man has gone viral after reviewing an English breakfast on someone’s doorstep.

Danny Malin, who has a YouTube channel called ‘Rate My Takeaway’ drove from Leeds to Bolton to visit an eatery named ‘Grandma’s Kitchen’, which is run out of Marion Love’s terraced house.

Viewers were taken in by the strangeness of the video not least because Malin whipped out a foldable table and chair and ate the meal in front of the house.

“This has probably got to be one of the weirdest one’s I’ve ever done,” he said in the video.

“I’m sat in the middle of the street with my table and chair waiting for somebody to cook me breakfast in their own house”.

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Amassing over a million views, the review is Malin’s most-watched video. And commenting on the video, people expressed their joy at the scenes they witnessed. One said: “The best thing is she didn’t question him putting his table out even once. Like everyone does it.”

While another remarked: “To most people, al fresco probably isn’t imagined as a pavement on a street in Bolton. For Danny, however, it’s wherever he lays his table.”

Malin’s review of the food was positive, especially the bacon which he said was “gorgeous” and he was also a fan of the homemade hash browns - he was given the recipe but said he would keep it secret.

And for her part, Love told Manchester Evening Newsshe has gained 1,000 more followers on Facebook and Instagram since the video was released. She already had some 30,000 and has planned to open more traditional premises for her cafe, but was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Malin’s other videos show him driving to Scotland to eat a 5,400 calorie takeaway and eating a full English breakfast served in a loaf of bread. A week ago he tried a falafel for the first time ever which he said had “a right nice spice to it”.

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