Date fuming after man cooks his dogs a gourmet meal and leaves her with pizza

Date fuming after man cooks his dogs a gourmet meal and leaves her with pizza
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A romantic home-cooked meal turned into a massive disappointment for one Reddit user, when the bloke she was seeing cooked a borderline 5-star meal for his German shepherds, but only a pizza for their date.

According to the user, he even hyped up the date by telling her to save her appetite.

She wrote: "He makes a point to tell me to "make sure you have a strong appetite" so I [didn't] eat anything at all since breakfast and I was starving after working all day."

Now, you may be asking, what's wrong with pizza? Surely this person is just a little bit entitled? But the user is careful to explain that she has severe dietary issues that prevent her from eating artificially dyed food such as BBQ sauce and tomato sauce ( the kind you usually put on a pizza).

To make matters worse, the date apparently knew that the user has gastro-reflux disease, but cooked the pizza anyway. Meanwhile, his dogs got to enjoy a fine cuisine of steak, eggs, potatoes, and mini corn on the cobs.

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The Reddit user's date is way too invested in his canine relationship.The Reddit user's date is way too invested in his canine relationship.PetBacker

When confronted, the chef explained that he made sure not to put too much red sauce on it, seeming to not understand that the user couldn't eat any of the pizza for fear of triggering her severe acid reflux.

"He starts arguing that he made sure to not put much red sauce on it and kept telling me to just try it. I asked if he had anything else and he said no. I told him sorry but I needed to go and [excused] myself. On the way home I grabbed myself something to eat," she wrote.

So, not only did he cook with the red sauce in the first place, but he actually tried to pressure his date into eating it. Obviously, he used all the (safe) food he had on his canine friends.

Surprisingly, he seemed to be more upset than his date (who he basically didn't mind poisoning), as he called them up saying that they "showed [their] true colours" by refusing to eat his food and leaving.

It sounds like the woman dodged a bullet with that one.

And to her date, we hope you're very happy with your dogs. At this rate they'll definitely be the only things that you'll be having romantic dinners with.

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