Man ‘buys food for just himself’ when his date forgot her money and TikTok is divided

Man ‘buys food for just himself’ when his date forgot her money and TikTok is divided

A woman has described a date she had with a man who apparently only bought himself food because she didn’t bring any money and TikTok is divided.

Posting on the social media platform, the woman filmed the table on the date – showing food on one side of the table and absolutely none on her side – with text on top which read: “On our first date I didn’t have money so he only bought himself food.

“Should I go out with him again? He said pay me or pay me no attention.”


Dating in fresno be like 🥲 ... #559fresno #fresno #couples #boyfriend

Dating in Fresno be like,” she captioned the video. Fresno is a city in California, by the way.

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Since posting it days ago, the video has gone viral with some 3.5million views and 26,500 comments. And in these thousands of comments, people were split about whether she should see the guy again.

Some thought her behaviour was pretty entitled:

“Who goes on a date without money though?” one asked.

“He shouldn’t go on another one with you again,” another wrote.

A third also sided with the man and said: “Don’t go on a date expecting another man to buy you food that’s so disrespectful.”

But a few thought it was the woman who was right. “Real men pays for dinner when going out,” one said.

“Such a sad excuse for a man!” another said.

Another called it a “huge red flag.”

“He is not a gentleman for sure,” they added.

And one person sat firmly on the fence, writing: “Guys should pay but girls shouldn’t expect it. Be ready on both sides.”

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