David Cameron and Xi Jinping went to the pub for a pint and it was awkward

You can hold a state banquet at Buckingham Palace if you like, but any proper visit to the UK wouldn't be complete without a trip down the pub.

President Xi Jinping of China is currently on a four-day visit to the UK. Last night David Cameron hosted Xi at Chequers, his official country retreat in Buckinghamshire.

On Xi's penultimate night here, David Cameron quite rightly decided they should nip to his local for a cheeky pint, in a totally natural and not at all staged event.

The prime minister reportedly cracked an awkward joke about another trip to The Plough at Cadsden, when he famously forgot his eight-year-old daughter Nancy.

Speaking of human rights abuses, we're pretty sure Cameron didn't bring up the way China treats activists and political dissidents.

They did continue to talk about money, though.

We don't know why you're laughing, Dave. That's a spectacularly rubbish pint that's just been put in front of you.

The prime minister said the pair had a jolly good time.

But their faces show the real story.

One more, then on to Oceana?

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