Viral TikTok shows a deer miraculously survive a 50ft waterfall drop

A TikTok video that has been viewed more than 3 million times shows a deer miraculously surviving a 50-foot drop over the edge of a waterfall.

The video was captured by TikTok user cas_has at Tahquamenon Falls State Park in Michigan earlier this month.

It shows what looks to be a young deer running down the middle of a shallow river before it comes to a stop at the waterfall cliff, which Snopes reports were the Upper Falls in the state park. It is one of the largest waterfalls in the east of the United States.


However, as the deer stops, the force of water sweeps it away and it goes tumbling into the depths below, to the shock and dismay of a group of tourists watching on a nearby platform.

Cries of “oh my god” and “nature is a beast” can be heard from the onlookers but, as they continue to watch, they notice that the animal had managed to survive the fall and was able to swim to the shores of the river.

“I can’t believe it,” one person says with another adding: “How did it make it?”


It is unclear if the deer was injured by the fall as the park have not released any information or statement about the incident

Indy100 has contacted Tahquamenon Falls State Park for comment.

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