Delivery driver yells 'f**k you' at customer over $5 tip

Delivery driver yells 'f**k you' at customer over $5 tip
Kind food delivery rider stops in middle of traffic to pick up …

A food delivery driver has caused a stir online after insulting a customer for their $5 (£3.90) tip.

In a widely shared clip on TikTok, a man is seen delivering a pizza before making a snarky joke about the low tip.

"I just wanna say, this is a nice house for a $5 tip," he says through the video doorbell, to which the customer sarcastically hits back: "You're welcome."

The delivery driver made sure to squeeze in the last word, telling the takeaway customer "f*** you" and walking away.

It didn't take long for the viral footage to cause a debate online, with some saying they felt like a $5 tip on a $20 order was acceptable.

"I say 5$ is good since it was a 20$ order...seriously, what do they expect more than what the order is," one person wrote, as another chimed in: "Did he expect a 100 dollar tip on a 20 dollar order?"

A third added: "It's her money. Y'all better be happy she even gave you a tip."

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This doordasher is being blasted for his reaction to a good tip #foryou #doordash #drama

On the flip side, internet sensation MrBeast took tipping to another extreme – by gifting a waitress a car.

The star has made a name for himself online, with his efforts to saving orphanages, rebuilding homes and "curing" blindness.

In one recent clip on TikTok, MrBeast revealed that his latest act was to give a waitress a car rather than a cash tip after his meal. The waitress revealed that she had actually been late that very day due to her Uber being slow.


Amy’s been getting to work without a car formonths, thanks to you we changed that :-)

While the waitress appeared happy and began to cry, she did also admit that she does not know how to drive. As MrBeast showed her the car outside, it was plastered with graphics advertising his new chocolate bar venture, Feastables.

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