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Registering a complaint with any major corporation or business can be a fruitless task, regardless of what the problem is.

Sometimes you will receive a very apologetic response from a social media manager who wants to appease the situation as quickly as possible.

Other times you might not get a response at all but at least you stuck it to them, right?

Fortunately for comedian Drew Gooden, he got the former response when he registered a complaint with Delta Airlines after he was sucked through a toilet hole and was left 'hurtling through the sky.'

Obviously, this didn't happen as a man being sucked through a toilet on an airplane would probably be quite a big story and we're not sure you would be able to tweet while free falling through the sky, but you never know.

Anyway, most people could probably identify this as a joke but someone in Delta's social media team (or possibly a bot) thought that they best double check that Gooden was ok and asked if he could be a bit more specific as to how his mishap occurred.

You really have to admire their commitment to their job and ignoring what was an elaborate prank. Just in case, the joke went completely over their head, Gooden repeated the pun just to really hammer it home.

This bizarre three tweet exchange almost didn't go the way that Gooden intended but it somehow turned out even better and people couldn't quite believe what they had just read.

Needless to say, Delta didn't respond to Gooden's second tweet as someone obviously copped on to what was happening but they didn't delete it so you have to respect that.

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