Diagnosed sociopath shares what it's like to date her

Diagnosed sociopath shares what it's like to date her
Matchmaking Is Making A Resurgence In The Dating World

A diagnosed sociopath has been widely praised on TikTok for sharing honest insights into her day-to-day life.

TikToker Kanika Batra (@notkanikabatra) opened up about the difficulties of getting jobs, maintaining friendships, and now, what it's like dating a sociopath. Batra was diagnosed with anti-social personality disorder (ASPD), previously revealing she had been seeing a psychiatrist to work through the "toxic thought patterns."

In a viral clip that's racked up over a million views, Batra launched into her dating habits, acknowledging that "a lot of people disagree with her."

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She candidly shared her view that "all relationships are transactional", before disclaiming she doesn't mean in terms of money.

"People describe how they feel when they're in love to me, and it doesn't relate to me at all," she continued. "Going into a date, I view that other person as an object as bad as that sounds."

Batra added that once her date starts to humanise themselves, she would get bored and "discard them, most of the time."

While Batra confessed to wanting someone to "bring value" to her life, she worries they will "never will they become significant."

Fellow TikTokers headed to the comments, with one encouraging Batra to continue sharing. "Thanks for sharing, this is very interesting and makes us understand how you process the social information in a logic way. Keep sharing them," they said.

"This is why I love the internet," a second remarked before adding: "It's so fascinating to learn about things like these."


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Batra previously opened up about her diagnosis, having visiting a psychiatrist for "general depression" and "to get some valium."

She noted how it took her "six months of lying to a therapist" to get the valium. She said she wasn't supposed to, but she "saw correspondence from her psychiatrist to her GP", which disclosed that she had clinical depression and anti-social personality disorder.

The TikToker recalled the second time in New York when she was rushed into hospital for surgery.

At Batra's final evaluation, she said there were "12 doctors present" and it was the same diagnosis.

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