Woman questions existence of dinosaurs because 'their bones aren't everywhere'

Woman questions existence of dinosaurs because 'their bones aren't everywhere'
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A conspiracy theorist has cast their doubt over the existence of dinosaurs for a bizarre reason and people have been left speechless.

In a viral TikTok, a woman could heard asking: “If dinosaurs actually existed, wouldn’t their bones be everywhere?”

Amazingly, she also told people to test their “critical thinking skills” and asked why the “average Joe” has never dug them up.

She said: “Like, why haven’t you or I, or anyone we know, ever found a bone?”

The woman was also puzzled as to why palaeontologists are able to find entire dinosaur bones that haven’t decayed and still have features such as teeth.

The bizarre conspiracy can be quickly put to bed with science and the discovery of fossils all over the world, on every continent.

The reason dinosaur bones aren’t found under every piece of Earth is that fossilisation requires a specific environment in order to preserve the remains.


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First, the remains need to be buried and completely covered in layers of sediment. This building of layers created enough pressure to compress the remains and form sediment rock. Minerals within the sediment penetrate the bones turning them to stone.

Dr David Button, a dinosaur researcher at the Natural History Museum, explained: “Most of the dinosaur fossils we find are from animals that were living near to a lake or river.

“Some died shortly before the area flooded and covered their remains in mud and silt. Others were washed into a river by heavy rain.”

He added: “We don't know about many dinosaurs that lived in jungle or mountain environments. Fossils are very unlikely to form in such situations.”

The viral TikTok was shared on X/Twtter where people certainly had some thoughts.

One person wrote: “Could genuinely only bear watching the first 15 seconds but what’s really getting me is ‘no normal person has ever found dinosaur bones’.

“Like isn’t that how palaeontology started? There are plenty of famous stories of regular people finding fossils by accident.”

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