Doctor warns against using this one hotel amenity due to bug infestation risk

Doctor warns against using this one hotel amenity due to bug infestation risk
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A doctor has issued a little-known fact about a commonly used hotel amenity that could be at risk of a bed bug infestation.

In a viral clip that racked up almost 400,000 views, Dr Jason Singh (@drjaysonisfresh) asked where people tend to store their clothes when unpacking their cases.

Naturally, most people head straight to the chest of drawers and wardrobes. However, Dr Singh has suggested avoiding storing clothes in hotel drawers.

"Hotel dressers, especially those that are made of wood or have joints and crevices are a risk for bed bug infestation," he said.

Instead, he encouraged holiday-goers to "utilise hotel closets or hanging spaces to store your clothes or just pull your clothes straight out of your suitcase."

Hundreds of fellow TikTokers flocked to the clip, with one writing: "When I get to the hotel I use antibacterial wipes and drench them further in sanitiser and thoroughly wipe down."

Another person said: "Retired pest control operator here never used dressers. Keep your suitcase in the bathtub and get your clothes that you need from it. It’s not just bedbugs. It’s roaches as well."

A third user joked: "You mean to tell me I’ve been risking my life for over 40 years?"


Do you completely unpack clothes into dressers?

It comes after one hotel worker urged people to never use the hotel's shampoo, conditioner and body wash if the lids aren't secure.

"They can put hair colour, bleach, anything in these. Don't ever use these," she reiterated.

"I always bring my own when travelling," she continued. "If you don't bring your own, always call down to the front desk and ask for a fresh set or even the mini ones."

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