This doctor’s incredible story shows just how important the NHS is

Twitter / @thefourthcraw

Mike is a paediatrician, proudly working for the NHS. But his route into medicine was far from conventional.

He told Twitter in a series of tweets how his sister nearly lost her life, and how the events of one Summer day spurred him on to help other children in her position.

He writes:

Mike explains that his mum didn’t go home, but took him and his sister 40 miles away to the nearest emergency department.

(Warning, graphic image coming up.)

She went to the adult's intensive care ward almost immediately, because there was no paediatric unit in the hospital.

Slowly, Mike’s sister started to get better, and was eventually allowed home.

He said, by the end, he knew he wanted to be a paediatrician.

Mike adds:

And here he is with his sister:


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