This order for a dog in a fancy NYC restaurant is the most hilarious thing you'll see today

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We're all familiar with the term 'doggy bag' but this story is something else...

According to a now-viral tweet a chef in a New York restaurant a very specific request for a burger was placed by a dog owner who only wanted the burger for their pooch.

Anna Silman, a culture writer for The Cut tweeted a photo of the printed order that her friend received in the fancy NYC restaurant and to say that this dog was picky would be an overstatement.

If you can't quite read it, it says:

Beef burger

Med rare

Side salad

This is for a dog

No salt, no oil, no seasoning, no pepper

Absolutely plain, no toppings, no garnishes

No bacon, no pickles, no onion, no bread, no lettuce

No side salad

Just the plain pattie - this is for a dog

This is probably a little excessive but at least the chef knew that all the dog wanted was just the meat and literally nothing else.

The tweet has since been shared more than 8,000 times on Twitter and liked more than 57,000 times and people don't quite know what to think.

Others shared what food their dogs like or would usually order at a fast food joint and they didn't seem to be as picky as that particular pooch.

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