This dog has gone viral for being absolutely huge as viewers insist she looks as big as a giraffe

<p>Eris the Borzoi reveals her incredible height as she towers over a fence</p>

Eris the Borzoi reveals her incredible height as she towers over a fence


A five-foot-seven dog has gone viral on TikTok, after viewers were stunned at how tall she looked as she stood on her hind legs.

Eris, a white and tan Borzoi, has racked up a large following (605,000) all due to her impressive height – especially noticeable whenever she stretches, runs or leaps – and people wanting to keep up-to-date with her day-to-day antics.

One recent clip, in particular, baffled viewers as it showed the dog looking incredibly tall while standing up to peer over a fence.

After scores of people queried how tall the dog was, Eris’ owner posted a TikTok claiming that the pet is around five feet, seven inches tall.You can watch the video in full here.

Incredibly, this means Eris is significantly taller than the average UK height for women, which is a small five-foot-three, according to the Office of National Statistics (ONS).

Eris loves to peer over the fence (left) and the Borzoi sits with his owner (right)TikTok/eriszoi

Due to Eris’ looming height, her owner has had to ensure the house gate is tall enough because otherwise Eris would be able to jump over it.

Since posting, Eris’ TikTok has received a staggering 15m views, and over 1.9m likes, along with tens of thousands of comments from people who are stunned at Eris’ height and that fact any dog could even be that tall.

One person wrote: “That’s not a dog, that’s a giraffe.”

“Bro that dog is taller than me,” another person replied.

Someone else added: “That’s not a dog, that’s a dooooooog.”

“Looks like taquito,” a fourth person commented.

Other comparisons that were made included a dinosaur, a llama and even a dragon.

Eris is a Borzoi which is a Russian sighthound. Features include narrow bodies, long slender legs and a long narrow head.

Their characteristics are athletic, quiet, calm and gentle. They are “happiest when entertained” according to Hillspet.

On all fours, male Borzois are usually around 30-34 inches tall, whereas female are a little bit shorter at around 26-29 inches.

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