Dog owner’s ‘insane’ list of rules for pet sitter - including admitting they watch staff on camera- goes viral

Dog owner’s ‘insane’ list of rules for pet sitter - including admitting they watch staff on camera- goes viral
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Whenever someone needs their dog to be looked after, the owners understandably want the best care possible.

However one woman has really taken the dog biscuit after sending a dog sitter an insanely long list of rules that were so demanding, the sitter ended up having to turn down the job.

The dog sitter who posted her text conversation on Imgur was in contact with the owner called Claudia, the pair had agreed she would take care of the dog called Junie while Junie’s owner was away for the week.

But things quickly took a turn when the woman received a warning from Claudia, which read: “I want to make some things abundantly clear (because the last few sitters let me down).”

OK... no shoes in the house perhaps? Only give Junie a certain number of treats?


Nope, the dog owner had much stricter rules in mind, and one of them even disclosed the fact Claudia could watch the sitter in the house as she wrote: “Yes, we do have cameras and check them frequently.”

  1. I will pay you $110 for your services. You are there to make sure Junie is fed, watered, and medicated. That is a fair price.
  2. You are to be there 90 per cent of the time. Last year our AC went out while the girl was at work and we lost two rabbits because she was not there.
  3. Any emergencies you will pay for out of your own pocket. You are in charge of taking care of Junie and if anything should happen under your supervision IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.
  4. Yes, we do have cameras and check them frequently. No friends over, parties, or anything of the like.
  5. Keep your phone on loud. I cannot stress how much anxiety I get when I call to check on her and I do not get a response.
  6. You will be paid in full approximately 24 hours after I return. I will make sure Junie isn't showing any anxiety, etc before I write the cheque.

At the end of the rule rant, the owner asks: “Are we clear?”

(If you ask us, we think it’s definitely not worth the hassle and the chance of being spied on), and the dog sitter agreed, sending a friendly reply declining the offer: “Hi Claudia, unfortunately I would not be able to meet all the demands. I hope you find a great sitter!”


Curious to know why, Claudia replies asking what made her turn down the job to which the dog sitter says she “wouldn’t be there 90 per cent of the time as requested” and that $110 per week “wasn’t sufficient enough” especially she would be responsible for giving the Junie certain fluids and checking the dog’s blood sugar levels.

Claudia didn’t take too kind to this and hit back writing: “If it’s too hard then it’s too hard. I thought I’d give Stephanie’s friend a chance but obviously you don’t need the money that bad. I don’t want your ‘services’.”

Since posting the text conversation to Imgur, people have expressed their shock at the list of demands.

One person wrote: “Junie’s human sucks at the “human” part.”

“9 days, 21.6 hours there per day, so, about $0.56 per hour! Why on Earth did that woman turn down the job???” Another person said.

Someone else added: “She’s not looking for dog sitting services. She’s looking for someone to exploit.”

“There’s more red flags here than there are texts,” a fourth person replied.

We can’t imagine Claudia found anyone to fulfil such high demands.

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