Former Dominos delivery driver says she was once given a 13 cent tip

Former Dominos delivery driver says she was once given a 13 cent tip
Are you feeling "tipping fatigue"?
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A former Dominos delivery driver has gone viral after detailing a questionable tip on one of her jobs.

TikTok user Laina Rose (@lainarose9) took to the platform with a clip captioned, "Oh how I don’t miss these days," while detailing the delivery trip two years ago.

"I just took a delivery that was $21 and 37 cents," she said while starting her car. "They gave me $21 and 51 cents."

As she buckles her seatbelt, she humours: "F**k yeah! 13-cent tip!"

The clip has racked up over 18,000 comments, with one sharing a situation of their own: "I hated when they said keep the change on a 1 penny tip. I always threw it in their driveway."

Another added: "I had a guy whose total came to $19.99. He handed me $20 and said keep the change. I almost went feral."

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Oh how I don’t miss these days 😂 #dominos#fyp#lainarose#pizzagirl#pizza #driver#tip

"That’s because of that delivery fee the company charges," one suggested. "But they think drivers get it as tip, which is not the case."

One optimist wrote: "It's all about those small victories."

Meanwhile, one delivery driver seemingly went rogue and ate his customer's food.

In a post shared to Twitter, a creative director and podcaster detailed the alleged incident.

"What happened," he asked, to which the driver responded: "This food is very testy. I eat this. You can report the Deliveroo company."

"You're an awful man," the original poster responded, seemingly disgruntled.

The driver added: "I don't care."

In a follow-up post, the Twitter user claimed he reached out to Deliveroo customer service representative, and they seemingly left the chat when they said they would look into the situation.

"Looks like customer service don't want to hear it @DeliverooHelp," he wrote in one tweet, before adding: "Man, the worst thing is they won't refund us until they attempt to redeliver it."

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