Domino’s employee showcases a no-topping pizza order - and the internet has questions

Domino’s employee showcases a no-topping pizza order - and the internet has questions
Watermelon pizza gets a plug from Dominos Australia's Tik Tok

A Dominos worker showcased themself making a pizza order - but there were no toppings.

In a video uploaded to TikTok, the Dominos worker, Beth D (@beth_dutton), can be seen chuckling as she made the order.

The pizza was sans toppings, although Dutton did add a ring of garlic sauce around the edges of the dough before cutting it into slices.

"Sometimes you get strange orders at dominos," she captioned her post.

The video has 4.4 million views at the time of writing.

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Some times you get strange orders at dominos. #pizza

Many people took to the video's comments to reference "None Pizza with Left Beef," a popular meme that was created when the owner of a blog called The Sneeze ordered a pizza devoid of sauce, cheese, and no toppings except for beef on the left half of the pie.

Some even mentioned that they messed up in the past when placing an online order after they forgot to fill out the details of what they wanted.

"Where's the left beef? One wrote

"I thought it was gonna be none pizza left beef," another added.

A third wrote: "This happened to me. I ordered on the app; I forgot to fill everything out."

Others took to the comments to write that the customer might have opted for the plain pizza.

"I have def ordered this. So many food allergies, aversions, and lifestyles in my house," added a fourth.

A fifth added: "Some people are going through chemo and have nausea, and some people have hyperemesis and have to eat plain things sometimes that's all they can eat."

Someone else thought the pizza still looked appetizing nonetheless.

"Not gonna lie... that still looks good," they wrote, which prompted Dutton to respond with the following: "It would be just like a giant breadstick."

Taking to her own video comments, Dutton said that the pizza that was ordered was a "Hawaiian minus everything," which made it a $33 pie.

She also explained that she tried to phone the customer to confirm the order before she made it, but they didn't respond to her.

Indy100 reached out to Dutton via TikTok comment and Dominos via press email.

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