Domino’s Pizza delivery driver sparks tipping debate following viral TikTok reaction

Domino’s Pizza delivery driver sparks tipping debate following viral TikTok reaction
Watermelon pizza gets a plug from Dominos Australia's Tik Tok

A Domino’s Pizza worker has gone viral on TikTok after a customer did not tip him after delivering their pizza in the rain.

The employee, referred to only as Malik, appears frustrated and shouts at colleagues in the clip, which has more than 1.6 million views on the app.

After the person behind the camera tells him to “calm down”, Malik responds: “I don’t want to work here anymore! Five minutes! Five minutes out there in the rain, and no tip? No tip?”

He then proceeds to knock over stacks of pizza boxes on his left, sending several of the cardboard containers flying.

The video has since received over 17,000 comments, with Malik’s reaction sparking a debate over tipping amongst fellow users.

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😱This is why you should tip your drivers 😰 #fyp #dominos

“If you can’t tip then don’t order out. Literally in a pandemic lmao,” wrote one account.

Another added: “To the people who are complaining about leaving a tip… You simply shouldn’t eat out or maybe go pick it up yourself. Drivers rely on tips!”

However, not everyone was in support, with one user replying: “I avoid places where they expect a tip. It’s awkward and I’m paying for a service or product already.”

“Lol. ‘I don’t want to work here anymore’, aight then leave. You already know zero tip is a possibility so why act surprised when it happens,” commented another.

Malik responded to the criticism by sarcastically thanking people for their support.

“I’m only surprised when a customer doesn’t care that your hair is dripping wet and can’t even say sorry for not opening up, but thanks,” he said.

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